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What if Men were bullied as women?

What if Men were bullied as Women? Do Men experience pain as women’s do?

Imagine a Life where boys were treated and lived like girls……

Imagine a life where you’re born as a boy and your family isn’t happy to have you.. Your mom throws you in a dustbin or has no such happiness on her face… just because you are a boy.

When you’re allowed to go to school, but you cannot earn for your family.
You aren’t given the freedom to go out after late evening.,

You aren’t allowed to wear your favourite clothes anywhere coz people might stare at you, or you get bullied, raped, kidnapped etc.
You cannot roam in the streets late at night, You have to be protected by women’s.. but still you are kidnapped by women..
When a gang of women surround you.. and you cannot call anyone for help..😥

Imagine a world where there is more Number of girls and boys get raped more often.. a daily news you read “A school boy raped by a 40 year women” “ A 60 year old man raped”

Imagine having a menstrual pain as girls get after a particular age. (The pain is unbearable..)

You have to give birth to a child after a particular age.. or the world will not respect you..
You  have no freedom to go for a job as you want. You have to stay at home and take care of your kids , missing your sleep.. but your wife comes late to home and just sleeps and doesn’t care about anything.

You are judged by your weight, Beauty, physical appearance.

Imagine a world where your sex is being determined whether or not you were fit for a job.

A world where if anything goes wrong it was your fault (referring to victim shaming)
ld where you were paid less than your female counterpart

Quite horrifying isn’t it? It sounds like a dystopian horror movie but this horror is what we women face every single day of our lives”

“But to say that all men are predators would be a grave injustice to those brave men who stand up for women who fight for equality who above all respect women and consider them there equals.”

Cheers to strong women, may we rise with them may we be them. 


What if dogs could speak and live long as humans?

“Every once in a while, a four legged friend walks into our life and they change everything”  EVERYONE THINKS THEY HAVE THE BEST DOG, AND NONE OF THEM ARE LONG.

Few years ago, I went through one of the more excruciating experience of my life: the lose of my beloved dog, tina. I lost her when I was 14,

It was my uncle’s birthday and we had to leave her at home and go for dinner. It was around 10:30pm in the night.. we headed back home and found my tina missing.. luckily we had cameras on at home so that we were able to find through which way she had gone.. my uncle roamed around the streets in the night and finally he got her back home.. she never ran away before, but my uncle’s place was pretty new to her. We had to shift her to his house as there was no one to take care of her in the house we lived before.. we lived in a joint family but got separated after my sisters got married and my school was pretty far from there, we shifted first i.e., when my brother started his schooling, and my sisters had to leave after they got married, I couldn’t take her to my home as i lived in an apartment.. My sister and uncle took care of her later. Me and my parents thought she’d get adapted to her new surroundings.. but still she seemed to miss her old home and went missing again.

This time we actually couldn’t find her.. it was around 2:00am in the morning, when my uncle woke up in the morning he viewed it in the camera, but couldn’t find her again. 

It was really a tough time after that, many dogs find their home back after days or months, but my tina really couldn’t make it, we weren’t able to find her later.. it’s been 2 years now.

I could still recall all the memories we both had together, after she got lost I realised how tough it is to lose a dog. There was a question on my head which kept on taunting me “why can’t dogs speak” and why don’t “dogs live as long as human does”

Dogs is something which we can own and get that kind of love humans don’t deserve.. I use to think of all the fun, happy, sad times I had with my dog.. I cannot find the words to explain how much my dog in my life means to me, but I do know that without my dog my world is so much more dark and empty.

I wouldn’t have lost my Tina if she was able to speak and it would have been easier to find her way back home ( I know this seems to look kiddish but losing a dog is really very painful ). It is easier for me to adopt a new dog, but I had to train my new pet all the way again.. At times when some situations make me think about her, it makes me think why cant dogs live as long as humans? what if dogs could speak? it can show so much love without speaking, what if dogs get to speak and live long? why don’t they deserve to live on earth as human does? dogs never change as humans does. Humans get to change after a particular time, but dogs stay a baby till their last breathe <3.  ‘coz your dog will never wake up one day and decide he doesn’t love you anymore. ❤ They are so little but deserve so much 🙂

It really breaks me inside when I think I haven’t taken care of my pet as it did to me. she showed me much love what a bestfriend can do ❤  I realised how much love i’ve got after i lost her.

I wish to see a world where dogs get to speak and live much longer than it normally does.  Coz there’s no big heartbreak than losing a dog. And yeah, I wish to see her again. 😥 ❤ 

So yes, I miss my dog. but I’m sure that I’ll be putting myself through this ordeal again in the years to come.

P.S this is my first blog, I wanted it to be about someone special. 🙂  if i’ll be granted one wish I would wish my bestfriend would live forever. ❤ #wishtoseehersoon

Dogs deserve to speak and live long.


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